A typical boring e-mail conversation … please do not ask the same again and again: For program developers, this converter is relatively uninteresting. Instead, the FIFO is read. It is simply DeviceIoControl based. A single OUT access This function looks like follows:

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The parallel port in Linrad. This is very hard to program, if even possible in a non-realtime OS, I cannot afford this solution. For this purpose, LptCap exists. Interferences with debuggers may occur. All other converters do this job correct! Then click “Resources” to see the address range of the usb2ltp.

Converter From USB To Parallel

Up to 9 devices may be connected due to naming scheme. You must tell Linrad which uwb2lpt to use. Do not try this driver with any other hardware, this will simply not work and may confuse your operating system later! Should I use this? For program developers, this converter is relatively uninteresting. Use bulk transfers instead of Interrupt Transfer Low-Speed only.


The manufacturer usually supplies a CD.

If so, you can skip 4. In many cases, this will work well. It is stupid to use this converter only for a printer!

Data rates in maximum speed will become possible, even via the 8-bit bus. That does not always work i.

USB2LPT – Cloning instructions for Release 1.6

DLL or similaryou don’t need administrative privileges, and you won’t open a security hole. There are some better options to get a parallel port if you need one.

A51, label “upv” via a single call of DeviceIoControl. Modern computers do not have parallel ports on the motherboard so the WSE user will have to purchase some extra hardware to add a parallel port.

It works under 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions of the operating systems and under Linux with 32 as well as with 64 bit code in Linrad. As it turns out, the parallel port is the one at which converts to in usb2l;t notation and this is the value that has to be entered into Linrad.


DLL opens a security hole by itself; application code may format your hard disk. You may need to make a symbolic link from libusb If you run Windows XP you may see one or the other of these messages: It is simply DeviceIoControl based.

Check whether your software relies to InpOut They are inexpensive too. See this a bit too simple wrapper DLL implementation as a reference. That is needed for some hardware. But that’s exactly what should be avoided. The exact specification will be made later. You don’t even need InpOut No additional DLLs are needed. It is necessary to install drivers for these cards.