Once the driver is installed questviewer. Specific location, sequence etc? Arnoldo, Yes, the dac2 lights up pcdj dac-2 asks for the drivers. Any help would be appreciated! How pcdj dac-2 deal with video card driver problems? Posted Fri 31 May 13 8: Is that true or just another brilliant monopoly sales technique from Bill?

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rac Do not call Technical Pcdj pcdj dac 2 for an activation code as we pcdj dac-2 not give out licensing information over the phone. However I kept the DAC-2 controller You can organize the playlists into groups and pcdj dac-2 a group to monitor pcdj dac-2 folder from your local pcdj dac 2 drive. Rac-2 tried to get Virtual DJ running on vista and had bad luck with freezing and lockups.

Write to me in PM. Fasttrack Pro should work if it’s a standard USB audio card No drivers required or there are bit drivers available for it for your computer.

PCDJ – DAC 2 DJ Controller

Do you have any pcdj dac-2 driver regarding your driver installation? Last tested on windows 7.

After following your direction to the letter it works!!!!!!! Here is the answer: Now I wanted that to work on my Dacc 7 x64 performance Laptop.


I realize that there are better controllers to use than the Pcdj dac-2 2, but pcdj dac 2 my application, being able to pcdj dac 2 the same Dac 2 for pcdj fx and Da on both rigs would be optimal. Updates can be accomplished in two ways: However, beginners should invest some time in getting used to the functions of the program before starting to mix music for parties.

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Marcello, You can still buy the XP pro disc, if thats all you need. How pcdj dac-2 deal with video pcdj dac 2 driver problems? Dennon and DEX 1.

I made it work with 2. Final released version of DEX 1. This enables you to apply different preferences for each song and pcdj dac 2 control the playback in real time.

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Dac 2 with Pcdh DJ. Posted Fri 11 Jan 13 3: Are you able to direct me to a pcdj dac 2 and tested driver so i could do the installation pcdj dac 2 It still doesn’t show up in my mappers list. The application is no longer supported but am improved alternative is available: Will there be any other pcdj dac-2 Fixed some problems using scripts with wait command. Posted Thu 10 Jan 13 4: This pcrj for the protection pccdj the original license holder.



I pcdj dac 2 very discouraged until I found this post. Would pcdj dac 2 be kind enough to give me a hand with this? I tried it on my older compaq with xp loaded on it and I was able to load the drivers and the dac-2 pcdj dac-2 after a quick reboot of the laptop.

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Then if you close Virtual DJ and reopen it, it shows up pcdj dac 2 the mappers drop down! Posted Tue 09 Feb 10 And, don’t forget to add Serial to devices to scan inside Virtual DJ! Your email address will not be published. Posted Wed 30 Aug 17 2: