Please select an encryption mode. When the users enable theWMM function of this network card, they can define the priority of different kindsof data to give higher priority to applications which require instant response. Page 47 Chapter 6 Glossary1. Also, do not leavethis device in the car in summer. Reject wireless clients with MAC addresslisted here to be connected to this access point. Click button and , then select.

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What is the IEEE If users have added a profile before, and they wish to change the content of theprofile, they can use this function.

Micronet SP2612R Gigabit PCI Ethernet Network Adapter Card

When theconnection is successfully established, anicon will be displayed. Just like the telephone directory, the profilesaves all information of access points, and user can recall them anytime. Click to complete the driver installation process.

It is designed to trade off bandwidth efficiency for reliability, integrity, and security. Checkthis box if the users need to connect to CCX-compatiblewireless devices. It is also included in Adaper Up to 32 numerical characters canbe accepted here excepting space. Right-click on configuration utility icon and select. Page 16 Step 4.


Micronet SPR Gigabit PCI Ethernet Network Adapter Card | eBay

Reject wireless clients with MAC addresslisted here to be connected to this access point. Page 15 Step 1. The interface will prompt the user neteork input detailed information of access point. Event LogThis software access point will log all wireless-related activities as a log. When the SSID ofaccess point or wireless device is not available, users have toinput it here manually. The serial number of this wireless connection. To use this function, thewireless access point must also support WPS function.

Enable connection via pushing a button or entering an 8-digit code. If the AP you wish to connect is not in the list, please press to renewthe interface.

MicroNet Technology SPNL : Network Card User Manual

ParameterDescriptionSelect the policy type of your access rule. Page 9 Step 3. STBC stands for Space-Time Block Coding, which is a technique used to transfermultiple copies of data by multiple antenna, to improve data transfer performance.

It is compliant netaork IEEE What is Spread Spectrum? Select the operation mode of the access point in this field. Page 42 ParameterDescriptionSelect the policy type of your access rule.


Page 7 Chapter 2 Tour of Product2. Page 39 Please select the country code of the country or region. Page adapyer If the wireless device uses encryption, the user must know its encryptionkey in order to connect.

Or point us to the URL where the manual is located.

Delete an Existing ProfileIf users no longer need a profile, they can delete it via this function. Chapter 4 Soft-AP FunctionBesides becoming a wireless client of other wireless access points, thiswireless card can also act as a wireless service provider.

Enable Cisco Compatible eXtensions. Please select the wireless channel to use for the environment.