Kicker – Kicker – Restacks the paper in the paper input tray after the top sheet is removed. Carriage PC Board – This pc board attaches on the carriage, it is usually a small pc board that has carrage cable attached to it. Guide – Width adjuster – For single sheet or envelope feeder. Paper – Brochure and flyer paper – Glossy on both sides – A size 8. Spring – Lever arm spring – Provides tension between the lever arm and the pressure plate lifter. PC Board – Ink cartridge carriage assembly pc board – includes carriage pc board only. PC Board DC – Internal power supply board – power cable plugs on this assembly, remove covers to install pc board.

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Lifter – Pressure plate hp deskjet 850c – Also known as lifter shaft or paper lifter. Cable – RS serial cable – 8-pin M to 8-pin M – 2. Roller Dekjet – Paper exit rollers – out put assembly. Spring – Separator spring – Provides pressure between the separator assembly and the center drive roller.

HP Deskjet 850c

Spring – Pivot spring – Provides tension for the pivot. Cap Lifter – These lifter caps hold the pressure plate lifter and the kicker spring deskjef place. Cam – Drawer cam – short, spring loaded lever attached to the paper tray frame – used to draw input tray into position. Pad – Friction cork – Installed under paper width adjuster.


Carriage Motor – Carriage motor moves the carriage unit side to side. Roller Pickup – Pick up roller assembly for paper bottom tray. Cable USB – This interface cable hp deskjet 850c the standard 2. Base – Base assembly – Bottom of printer – Includes rubber feet. Lubricant – Special lubricating oil – For carriage slider rod hp deskjet 850c – syringe with 35cc oil.

Support – Chimney wall – Wall support of spittoon.

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Hp deskjet 850c – Air filter – The fan is not needed – Fan related parts are no longer supplied. Actuator – Door actuator – Actuates access door open switch.

Hp deskjet 850c – Paper catch spring – Provides tension for length adjustment. Cable Mechanism – Cable assembly which connects the main logic board to the print mechanism.

HP c Ink | Deskjet c Ink Cartridges

Clamp – Belt attachment – Anchors drive belt hp deskjet 850c carriage. Slider – Carriage base slider – plastic piece on the front end of the carriage that allows the carriage to slide side to side. Adjuster – Pivot stop adjuster – Installed near left end of hp deskjet 850c plate. Preloader – Carriage pre-loader – Holds the carriage against the carriage rod. Display – Status led display LCD dsskjet assembly.

Guide – Length adjuster Blue – Paper tray extender and paper catch. Guide Paper – Upper paper guide – spring loaded flat plate that presses the media against hp deskjet 850c top of the feed roller assembly – caution: Cover Main – This is the main cover of the printer.


PC Board Interface – Internal print server lan interface board – plugs into peripheral eio. Encoder Disk – Disk encoder – helps to provide position information of the paper. Film – Premium InkJet transparency film – A4 size ddeskjet Rod Carriage – Carriage rod – shaft that hp deskjet 850c carriage assembly rides on.

Hp deskjet 850c – Greeting card paper pack Ivory, Matte – A size 8.

SLED Assembly – Sled assembly – white plastic piece with spring, wipers and boot assembly that deeskjet ink cartridge parks on – mounts on top of the service station assembly. Retainer – Washer retainer – Holds carriage rod lubrication washers in place. Motor Service Station – Service station stepper motor does not include cable hp deskjet 850c moves the rack vertically in the service station assembly.

Cap – Center lifter cap – Holds the pressure plate lifter and the kicker spring in place. Paper – Up card paper hp deskjet 850c White – A size 8.