Seeing the Cingular as a Modem The first time you plug in your Cingular while in Modem Mode, you’ll notice that ActiveSync does not pop-up as it normally would; instead you’ll see the Found New Hardware Wizard: Performance doesn’t measure up to top models. Seeing the Cingular as a Modem. When the phone is playing video one of the most processor intensive tasks for extended periods of time, you’ll notice the handgrip area just below the number pad gets a bit warm. The outer display is more than adequate for its tasks and the inner display is super sharp, colorful and just plain nice to look at. Upgraded software tanked my preferances and Bluetooth Press any button to wake up the outer display to check the clock, signal strength, missed calls, charge level and more.

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Cingular 3125

The connection will have the name you cingukar The external screen will also alert you to all the other usual information such as missed calls, new voicemail, etcetera.

Motorola v, CingularDell Axim X51v. By far, the Nokia was the best phone.

There are two LEDs on the lid, a blue one to indicate Bluetooth status, and a second tri-color: It’s not good for reading ebooks nor are there many available for this format. As well as looking substantially more attractive than most of its peers, the does the most important core features of a cellphone very well: On the top half of the phone there are several small buttons built into the edges of the case.

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Other than his home town of New York, his favorite I can just “record a memo” to replay back to myself to recapture that idea. It’s a pretty decent headset with clarity, no shrillness but not much in the deep bass department.

The Cingular currently has an Informr score of 7. The keypad keys are larger than most, so you almost never hit the wrong ‘s. This Buy It Now listing has ended. While the Moto didn’t try to win fashion acclaim, the tries and succeeds, adding to its appeal. An array of outdated features like Bluetooth 1. Decent video playback and great music playback quality. No settings, no adjustments, nothing, except for how long the system is idle before it dims the screen.

If you really want to have a specialty audio-out connector, why not either create on your own, or enable others to design, a desktop cradle with built-in speakers, making a plug-and-play mini-stereo? Lot to Learn Yahoo! The interface is dull and unimpressive.

Cingular 3125 Smartphone Review

The Essential Phone is effectively discontinued. When used for web browsing, or other Internet activity with the screen on, the cinular last about 5 hours — for offline use such as games, documents, etcetera, six to eight hours.


The phone will start freezing up in about 5 months. Aurora, Illinois, United States. Configure the Cingular Modem. Same for the cool blue clock on the outside of the phone.

Cingular Cingular Cingular Very compact phone, people ask me if it’s a razr. It keeps me focused on the basics the phone does and not fingular any elaborate software packages.

Cingular Windows (AT&T) Phone Flip phone classic | eBay

Choose any name you wish, but “Cingular Wireless” or “Cingular ” cinglar be easily identifiable choices. The smartphone runs OS version 5. Marathon battery life, reliable Bluetooth with very good range and lots of profiles, good phone reception and excellent voice quality.

Now 325 your Windows PC recognizes the as a dial-up modem, you must create a new dial-up connection to use it. Data speeds are good and we got an average of k on Cingular’s data network with and without their proxy server, for some reason it made less difference on this phone than on some others. Prices Where to Buy.

Only a handful of devices like the Motorola Q and T-Mobile Dash are in the same class, and they cnigular a decidedly different target market.