Power users and gamers should avoid it, as should those looking for something to carry around constantly. Asus A3F notebook view large image. Visit our network of sites: This time, I lent a hand on the replacement and decided a comparable specification to the Dell at a lower price and size would be just the ticket. I would also like to note that the optical drive is incredibly quiet both when reading and writing a disk. It is very unobtrusive in the screen bezel, which I much prefer to showy designs.

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I also uninstalled Symantec and installed AVG a8f, virus scanning. I actually got my MemoryStick stuck in the slot since the cards are literally consumed in the space. Included mouse accessory view large image. Underside of Asus A8F view large image. The AC adaptor is the smallest I have seen, and is very light.

From my perspective this is one of the main strengths of this system.

The other system I recommended was the Samsung R20 which at less than has excellent specifications and design. It is one of the flush designs with only a slight gap around the perimeter to separate it from the wristrest. The A8F has a decent number of ports. The location of the USB ports is somewhat unusual but provides decent scope for your peripherals since there are 5 of them. Nevertheless, having seen the benefits of undervolting on my own system, I decided to do this on the Asus.


The vocals however are clear and would suffice for when some background music is required. Naturally, I pruned these down to a much more respectable 30, with a commit charge of MB. Asus A8F top view view large a8fmm.

The card reader works fine, however has a poor design.

Asus A8F Notebook Review

The integrated webcam is acceptable for use with instant messengers and the like, being of VGA quality. For most users the keyboard will be fine and I am probably being quite harsh in my judgement. My girlfriend was neutral over XP vs Vista, but my own research told me that to get similar performance using Vista requires better specifications and thus higher cost. The optical drive is fairly standard by all accounts, the only notable features being its silence and Lightscribe abilities.

Asus A8F Notebook Review

A similar problem occurs with the optical drive. To cut a long story short, the Asus A8F was within budget and met all requirements. The notebook as a whole is slightly thicker than I would prefer, giving it a somewhat bulky look from some angles. The screen is a glare type which is commonplace on consumer notebooks these days; you either like them or loathe them. Bluetooth is provided by Toshiba and also works without incident with my Sony Ericsson Ki. Asus A8F left side view on top of Acer notebook view large image.


I would go as far to say that the lowest brightness is unusable in all but the darkest environments. On the right we have another 2xUSB, centrally located.

Adapt, connect, and get more!

I have no experience with laan support at this time obviously due to the short ownership time. I found it slightly spongy, if that is the correct terminology.

It is aimed at students and home users on a budget. The situation is better horizontally. The specification on this system is at the low end of the spectrum, but the dual core processor ensures all afm operations are done with acceptable speed and little lag. The long battery life and silence make it the perfect choice for students looking to work in a lecture or in the library.

This is only really noticeable when viewing a very dark or black image however so in everyday use does not pose much of pan issue. Through high quality headphones, the integrated audio sounds acceptable with a fairly low noise floor. This was the best deal I could find, and is one of only a few Asus resellers in the UK.