At this point, I do not care if I rebuild or fix the Raid-1 but at least I would like to recover my data that is stored on md3. Bought a exact identical drive 2. In memory of Ian Ashley Murdock – founder of the Debian project. I was comparing those two sets of metadata trying to find a location that appeared to have the correct value in both cases but missed that. It’s been 2 years, 8 months, 20 days since Danny Wood last posted in this thread. You should use ‘v’ to verify disk integrity, and perhaps options on the experts’ menu to repair the disk.

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And how are you working out how much disk they are seeing? This may be tricky because the labels for both disks are probably going to be identical in the Bios display.

I will be glad.

Perhaps rald useful addition to the article would be to detail how to recover when the first drive e. And now if I want to delete the sda1 from md0 so that I could add sdc1 its not allowing me saying sda1 no such device. Anything cannot be done now. You must have meant that the larger arrays have larger sector size.


Debian User Forums • View topic – Can hardware RAID be used on AMD SB southbridge?

For instance, a sector being relocated this is by design in the disk; if a sector is marked as bad it can be relocated. David Burrows snadge wrote on Thank you very much for this tutorial Do I need to format it before put it on the linux server?

If you really want this, use the –force option. I did not think Windows could handle non byte sector devices. Is there a problem with this patch that prevents us from submitting it to upstream? linjx

raid – How to fix missing RAID1 drive – Super User

Yes, my password is: Could you please output the result of the following command from a live session: The next version of dmraid will leave the p in there, there is a discussion on this in this bug: Status of support for AMD G chipset? If my motherboard supports hotswapping, would the reboot still be necessary?

I also believe for disks that size you need to rakd a GPT partition table. I will let you know when this is done.

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Hi, Unfortunately the package is still waiting to be built by the Ubuntu servers. Get your subscription here. In your current working directory.

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Looks like it, but Rakd just want to be sure. Excellent description which also works pretty good on a 4 disk software RAID Transfering mbr and installing grub is the missing step just before shutting down. Will these commands work for a RAID5 setup?

None, the status of the bug is updated manually. Any help will be greatly appreciated. The question refers, I believe, to the physical drive to be replaced.

Hi, I followed exactly same steps as of linuxx. It should leave dev names alone but the repository version seems to screw them up adding a p in sometimes. Set it to the same as your first rald. Ok, I’m finally learning about “dmraid”. I tried to use it to help me resolving my problem but I still don’t understand.